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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Basic information and rules governing the use of the Alumni Mailing List

Through this mailing list, we try to connect all the members of KV Kathmandu Alumni both in Nepal and outside. We have started this mailing list so that all of us can stay in contact with each other and about the activities of the association.

There are 3 modes of delivery of messages in this mailing list:
  1. Individual Emails (default for all new members): In this mode, all members will receive a complete copy of the emails sent to the group.
  2. Abridged Email: In this mode, the subject and a short message of the emails sent to the group would be sent to all the members.
  3. Email Digest: In this mode, an email will be sent containing all the emails sent to the group for that particular day.

Just a few things to remember:
  1. Posts are moderated, that is the messages posted by you would be subject to approval before they are sent to the entire group.
  2. Any replies to messages posted to the group would be *SENT TO THE ENTIRE GROUP*.
  3. Your default mode of receiving the emails is "Individual Email", you may change this at a later time by going to the group's website at
  4. No profanity or use of abusive words. Such an act would result in *IMMEDIATE EXPULSION* from the group.

And lastly, if anyone has not yet registered themselves, please do so at the alumni website:

Please post below if you have any questions

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